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WEconomy represents a new socioeconomic paradigm—for all Americans—powered by a revolutionary set of tools to help restore thriving regional economies fueled by their own local currencyBecause "Profit at all cost, costs us all."

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WEconomy powers local economies by unleashing a local currency where residents earn, buy & sell locally provided goods & services in a truly FREE MARKETplace.“Local currencies are not new—they're like gift cards or coupons—except you can't lose ours.
And, WEconomy money works the same for consumers, small businesses and service providers all over the state, not just at one store."

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Remember when Made In USA was a global mark of quality?
Imagine if all you needed was all you wanted...and it was all made, bought and sold your family, friends and neighbors. Because that's how most of the world still works.
"Take back your future and enjoy a higher Quality of Life, right in your hometown."

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We chose to build a better union.
We chose to put a man on the moon.
We can choose a more equitable economy. Together
"Community currencies have existed for thousands of years, and thousands are used every day--the US dollar isn't even 100 years old, and fiscal policies change with the political winds."

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Communities worldwide prosper by harnessing local currencies, especially when access to national currencies tightens, as is happening right now.With over 25 years in EdTech, Venture Development and Community Building, we have harnessed enabling technologies and democratizing trends in alternative finance to bypass vulture capitalism and predatory banking, springing communities in crisis into self-reliance.But thriving, resilient communities require more than just economic stimulus – they must feature real-world entrepreneurship support and meaningful employment opportunities.

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The WEconomy was made possible only through selfless volunteerism by a group of senior executives with hundreds of years combined experience building and running non-profit and for-profit companies. Recognizing that American Capitalism is broken and no longer serves a vast majority of Americans, our leadership and advisors spent over a decade researching how local currencies have historically counterbalanced failed national currencies in times of crisis."WEconomy now opens up a parallel, complementary economy for all, paving the road to prosperity by fueling commerce, offering guidance and building resilience into any size community."


Re-engineering society to the benefit of the most is the most important project of our lifetime and we need people with (com)passion to join us in introducing the power of WEconomy to uplift and (re)build their communities. Together."We welcome your thoughts and hope you join us"

WHAT is the WEconomy made of?The WEconomy is a patchwork of local, complementary, parallel economies that emerge in communities employing the Sustainable Communities Framework (SCF).The SCF is powered by three revolutionary technologies including 1) a freely available digital community currency; 2) a free marketplace open to all residents; 3) a venture development ecosystem featuring incubation and acceleration programs supporting regional innovation and job creation.More detail on WEconomy's three foundational pillars:1. A first-ever digital community currency used to pay for goods and services made or offered locally.• Community currencies are readily available to all residents—no means tests, no FICO scores, no artificial hurdles.• WEconomy currencies are simply a medium of exchange, on par with the US dollar, no different than loyalty rewards, grocery coupons or airline mileage.• WEconomy currencies can be spent using a mobile app “wallet” or QR code, or just as you shop online already—and can be used in more places than just at a “buy local” issuer’s shop. And you can’t lose them like paper coupons or gift cards!• WEconomy money is issued by national 501c3 non-profit, National Commonwealth Group, and administered by qualified, stable, local non-profits and organizations you know and trust, who live in your community and share your goals.2. A truly FREE MARKETplace where residents freely list their goods & services for sale & hire, for free.• WEconomy will even pay residents just to try out the platform and introduce its benefits to their friends and neighbors!• WEconomy is “Better than Barter”™, not only for convenience, but because proceeds and profits from the platform itself stay local and circulate multiple times in the community, unlike profits at big box and chain stores where franchise fees, revenue and profits are extracted to the corporate banking centers domestic and abroad.3. A powerful Entrepreneurship & Workforce Development platform, whether utilized physically or virtually, providing all the resources of tech hubs.• Our Entrepreneurship programs have been refined over decades supporting startups by providing critical resources including incubation, mentorship and fundraising.• Online “roadmaps” guide innovators and entrepreneurs in growing their ideas and businesses safely before risking others' money.• Support from both global experts and area volunteers allow talent to stay local, helping their communities avoid crippling “brain drain”.• Businesses founded and grown locally drive proceeds to local municipalities, not Wall Street brokers and offshore tax havens.• Our Workforce development programs build in-demand skills and relevant work experience, expanding local production and increased GDP.

WHY are we here?Because we all know the current economic system is broken.• 3 individuals hold more wealth than 50% of all Americans combined (tax policy)• 90% of US jobs have been outsourced since 1980 (trade policy)• Creating public money is reserved for private banks (fiscal policy)• 50% of Americans can’t get loans to start businesses to improve their lives or their communities (banking policy)So, do you think your political representatives have your best interest at heart?• The rules of elections, banking, taxation and trade are written by the same politicians commonly entering congress as median earners, yet most "coincidentally" become millionaires within two years of “public” service. What exactly are they teaching at the Capitol?Are you better off than your parents?• 72% of Americans are not, and that # has increased 15% in just two years.Will you leave your children better off than you?• Barely half of Americans own stock, more than half have less than $5000 in savings.Do you have enough money to pay your bills, much less chase your dreams?• 63% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and most will not qualify for an affordable loan.Do you love your job?• Most Americans surveyed say they only keep a job they hate because they literally cannot afford to lose their health insurance (that they can hardly afford to use anyway).• USA, the richest country in the history of the world, spends more per person on healthcare than any other country, yet American infant mortality is at 3rd world standards and our life expectancy has been shrinking for years, despite paying more, individually, for insurance than anywhere else.Do you believe that multi-national mega-corporations are good for Americans? • CEOs now make 400x more than their workers. In 1965 it was 24x.• Corporations have never been larger or more profitable than right now.So, is American Capitalism really working for you?• Americans’ purchasing power has not risen since 1964.• Yet the richest 400 Americans now own 60% of US wealth. ( we helped establish that the system is not working for you…or for the vast majority of Americans? What if there was another economy built for the rest of us?• WElcome to the WEconomy.

HOW is WEconomy so different from the U.S. economy?For starters, our truly “FREE MARKETplace" takes bartering into the 21st century by allowing anyone to shop for anything...without U.S.dollars. You can even open a shop of your own and sell anything you have or make. WEconomy will even pay you just to try it out!WEconomy money is available to anyone in the region in numerous ways, including earning a living wage, seeking grants, taking loans or just buying some local currency with U.S. dollars.By contrast, in the US, private banks currently own the privilege of creating new money (borrowing your tax dollars from the FED) and then lending it back to you (or not) based on their sole assessment of the risk you pose to their collecting sufficient profits from your repayment.But many Americans are shocked to learn that there is no law against anyone creating money. In fact, Americans have always used "complementary" currencies. Also known as "local", "community" or "virtual" currencies, these people's currencies take shape in the form of grocery coupons, airline miles and buy local campaigns--things we all use happily every day.WEconomy's FREE MARKET, by contrast, is like if Craigslist was safer or if Facebook took payments or if eBay sold only goods and services sourced locally or if Bezos didn’t horde billions (without paying taxes) by selling cheap stuff made in China by slave labor on Amazon.“Want something you saw online? Check your FREE MARKET first, because a neighbor may have it for sale, too. And not only can you pay for it with WEconomy money, but that money then stays local and multiplies, enriching the local economy, not evaporating to Wall Street or foreign banks.”

The graphic below illustrates how a WEconomy circular economy can fuel prosperity even in one of America's most distressed communities.